Charter Academy Photo Albums 2013-2014

Weber State Charter Academy has a lot of fun things going on. Check out what we have done so far!


                                 Ribbon Cutting      Moon Cakes        Tabbouleh             Banana Bread                      


                                        Opera              Ogden Nature Center       Painting the Backdrop                     


           Sugar Cookies     Mardi Gras Masks        Valentines Day       Stewed Apples     


     Classroom Happenings    Eric Carl Style Art   Art Show and Lottery Night


Cucumber Soup      Banana Rounds     Blocking the Opera      Bird Feeders    


   Decorating Eggs      Channel Fox 13 News     Orange Popsicles


The Queens Lost Jewels            The Magic Rock        


      Salad Olovieh             Field Day                  Smoothies           Last Day of School