Project Launch: Future Educators Academy

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Project Launch: Future Educators Academy

July 30, 2014!




The Project Launch: Future Educators Academy

“I wanted to thank you again for giving me the privilege of attending Teacher Camp.  I learned so much!  Thank you!!  I learned things that I know I will be using in my class to come.”  -Annie Christiansen, Future Kindergarten Teacher

In an ongoing effort to bridge students from high school to the point of application to the Teacher Education Program, the Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education at Weber State University offers the Project Launch: Future Educators Academy.  This is an on-campus experience that will help students who are entering the Moyes College of Education.  The students will take part in innovative workshops and activities.

The Project Launch grew out of the goal put forth by the Moyes College of Education and local area school districts to combat future teacher shortages by creating a teacher pipeline program to cultivate highly effective future educators.

Most of the students who participate in Project Launch come from the “Teachers of Tomorrow” program; which is a combination of the Concurrent Enrollment class EDUC 1010 “Exploring Teaching” class, and participation in the Future Educators Association. 

What to Expect

Living on Campus:

  • Students who participate in Project Launch have the unique opportunity of living on campus.
  • Students get to feel what it is like to be a residential student as well as get to know the other students who will be their classmates for years to come!
  • Project Launch offers everything from teambuilding workshops to understanding cooperative learning.
  • We cover learning styles, classroom management and working with students with disabilities.

Students wishing to participate in Project Launch need to complete the application and pay the registration fee (see application for details). 

Don't Delay!

The Academy will be limited to 30 students. Applications are due no later than June 25, 2014.  Please contact the College of Education Recruiter ( with any additional questions.

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