Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement

Social Work majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisor every semester. Obtaining the correct advice on a regular basis helps students choose the right classes in an appropriate sequence. For an advisement appointment, email your faculty advisor by selecting the appropriate link below.

The first letter of your last name determines who your advisor is.

A - G   Dr. Kerry Kennedy
801-626-6155 / Social Science Bldg. Room 146
H - J
X, Y, Z
  Mr. Steve Vigil
801-626-6408 / Social Science Bldg. Room 150
K - Q   Dr. Cori Tadehara
801-626-6935 / Social Science Bldg. Room 152
R - W   Dr. Barrett Bonella
801-626-8035 / Social Science Bldg. Room 148

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having a criminal history or legal issues in your past will not automatically keep you from becoming or practicing as a social worker. However, most field placement sites (internships) require a background check. Failure to pass a background check may limit field placement options, delay field placement, or prevent you from completing the required field internship. Sometimes these issues can be resolved through expungement procedures in the state where charges were adjudicated, OR, by working closely with an attorney to be able to reduce previous charges, OR, by working with the Board of Pardons. However, this process takes time. If you have any criminal issues in your past that might show up on a background check, you are encouraged to contact Professor Vigil IMMEDIATELY to discuss the potential impact on the field placement (801-626-6408 or

Social Work Department Secretary Hours
7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (MDT)

(801) 626-6157

(801) 626-8070


Department Location
Weber State University
Social Science Building (SS)
Room 140
Ogden, Utah